Planning to buy a new garage door that best suits your requirements? Wondering how much it will cost to install a new garage door? You’re at the right place. Well, the cost of a new garage door may vary from one door model to another. On the average, the cost to install a new garage door can be anywhere between $775 and $1450, depending on the size, style, material and quality. This cost includes the price of door and installation services. The more advanced model you pick the higher it will cost you.

The Best Material for Garage Door

Stainless steel is widely recognized the best choice for garage door. The majority of homeowners in U.S. like to have a garage door made of stainless steel. This is because steel is both robust and affordable, and requires less maintenance compared to other material choices available in the market.

However you may also consider other material options for your garage door;


Wood is the best option for those who’re after creating an elegant exterior ambiance.  Although it’s expensive, the texture it provides is matchless. You can work with your home designer to come up with a great design for your garage door.


Aluminum is affordable, lightweight and anti-rust. You can mimic any material texture in your mind. It will cost you anywhere between $840 and $1,359. Though aluminum doors and steel doors have so much in common, aluminum doors are lightweight than those made of steel.

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