Garage doors come in different sizes and materials to serve different sets of purposes. In this blog post, we are going to let you know about the most common and popular garage door materials that are considered the best for residential use. So read on to learn more about ‘’what’s the best material for residential garage doors?’’

Stainless Steel – it’s Both Robust & Affordable

There’s no match to steel when it comes to the best garage door material. It has been used since ancient times and still it’s the best choice among the majority of homeowners all over the world. It’s affordable and lasts longer than other available choices in the market. You can achieve any other material texture by working with a professional painter. It is really good at mimicking wood and requires less maintenance. While buying a garage door made of stainless steel, make sure you’re investing in the right gauge number. The lower the gauge number the thicker the steel.

The Rust Resistant Aluminum 

If you’re after something lightweight, look no further than steet. It’s durable and affordable than wood. If erosion is an issue in your area, you should go for aluminum garage door. It also resists rust and dents. It offers great visuals when paired with glass.

Insects & Moisture Resistant – Fiberglass

Widely being used by homeowners all over the world, Fiberglass is another best choice you can go with. It’s one of the cheapest materials out there. It resists moisture and inspects, and is less susceptible to warping. You can achieve almost any texture by working with an experienced painter.