Why my garage door makes a loud noise when opening? Different types of noises coming from your garage door have different meanings.

Let’s shed a little light on them!


Types of Garage Door Noises and Their Meanings


If there is any rattling or vibration noise when you’re closing or opening the door, then it means that the bolts and nuts of the garage door tracks are loose. Tighten them well, either by yourself if you can.

Or if you can’t do it yourself, then I highly recommend that you hire an expert, as overtightening can do more harm than good.


When your garage door grinds, you should check the rollers first. Worn rollers, particularly metal rollers, can produce a grinding sound. 

It is possible for a grinding sound to be heard when the rollers need lubrication or when they are damaged. 


Lubricate your garage door if it squeaks. When hinges, rollers, pulleys, bearings, and springs are not properly lubricated, squeaking can occur. It is possible to pinpoint the source of the noise and apply lubricant to the affected area by carefully listening.


You may have an unbalanced garage door or a broken torsion spring if it bangs when opening or closing. As the spring hits the floor, a banging or crashing sound may be heard. As needed, lubricate the springs.

These are the different noises, their meanings, and how they are fixed. For any questions, you can hit the comment section. 

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