When my husband and I decided it was finally time to replace the old garage door that came with our house, we knew we wanted to go with something that wasn’t your average overhead door. While functionality was important, we also wanted to add some visual style and natural light. That’s why we chose a door with windows – and it has made such a difference.

Doing Research On Options

We spent time researching different garage door styles online to get design ideas. So many new options have come along way beyond the typical all-metal roll-up panels. Fiberglass and steel doors now come in a variety of window configurations. Some even have the look of carriage house doors. After reviewing all the possibilities, we landed on a five-window design that really matched the craftsman style of our home.

Installing The New Door

For the installation, we hired the professionals at Garage Door Replcement Chester. They removed the old door, properly disposed of it, then carefully measured and installed the new door. Having experts do the job gave us peace of mind that it would be done right with safety in mind. Within a day, the transformation was complete and we loved how the windows brightened up the whole space.

Natural Light Makes A Difference

One thing we immediately noticed was the gorgeous natural light streaming into the garage throughout the day thanks to those windows. Before, it was always dimly lit in there no matter the time of day. But now, even on overcast days, the light brightens the whole room. It makes being in the garage a much more pleasant experience. The windows literally shed new light on the space for us.

Added Visual Appeal

Aesthetically, the garage door really enhanced the curb appeal of our home, too. The two windows visible from the driveway are a nice architectural detail. And the glass panes have a custom look while still maintaining privacy since you can’t see inside from the outside. Overall, it brought the facade of the house together in a finished way that shows we took pride in how our garage presents to guests as well as passers-by.

Increased Home Value

When speaking with our realtor, she confirmed that upgrading to a more custom garage door could potentially increase our home’s value. While it was an investment for us, it makes the property more desirable should we ever decide to sell in the future. Even smaller projects that enhance curb appeal like this can make a difference. It was worth it for both the visual impact and potential added worth.

So in the end, we have really enjoyed our decision to go with windows in the new garage door. The aesthetic and lighting benefits have been wonderful. It was well worth any extra cost compared to a basic overhead panel door that we would have outgrown over time.